After Sales Service

Ntakovanos Pools has an After Sales Service. The personnel that manages these departments is composed of experienced and skilled technicians who can solve any problem that may occur in your pool. 

We undertake:

  • Weekly visits with full control and cleaning of your pool in conjunction with the supply of the necessary chemicals. For the measure of the chemical parameters, we use advanced electronic equipment. Also, during our visits, we check the electromechanical equipment of your pool (filters, pumps, lights and so on) by making the right arrangements to enjoy a crystal clear, ideally balanced water, free of bacteria and germs. These systematic controls, have as result, beyond the absolute hygiene of your pool water, to the longest endurance of the electromechanical equipment and building materials of construction.
  • Reconstruction of your engine room and replacement of equipment.
  • Upgrading your electromechanical equipment.
  • Replace the filler material on your filters.
  • Emptying & washing the pool with water blast & special chemicals.

At the Ntakovanos Pools base there is a specialized malfuction repair department for electromechanical equipment. We deal with pump failures, robotic vacuum cleaners, dosing pumps and others.

The After Sales Service is well-organized to meet the most demanding customer needs, with a wide range of spare parts in stock.

Our main concern is a pool without problems with a happy owner.

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