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Pebble finish

What is Pebble?

Is a natural, round, untreated pebble, imported product (New Zealand or Australia). When graded, it is granulated, cleaned and separated based on its coloring. For its application a fluid mixture of cement and pebble is created.

Placement of the mixture on the side walls and at the bottom of the pool is done using a special spatula and many repetitions. In the application, water blast is used at regular time period to achieve the final finish. 

Advantages of pebble:

  • Aesthetic superiority with unique texture (natural result)
  • Long life endurance
  • Non-slip surface
  • Quick application of the material in all pool shapes
  • Curved configuration at the mounting points of the walls for easier maintenance and proper water recirculation
  • Variety of colors with different color effect 
  • Resistant to the use of seawater
  • Creation of a ''beach walk''
  • Ideal option for the rebuilding of a pool
  • Due to the rich color scheme of the pebble, it can be ideally harmonized with the pool environment.
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